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Name: Sprinthult
Datum: 10 March 2019
Email: emelylisborn at
Today cleaning with the onset of spring is an opportunity do cleaning the house, private households and offices, apartments.
Roads, courtyards, gardens, squares and urban territories very important not only clean up from the pollution Spring cleaning work is an opportunity implement cleaning work, private households and offices, apartments.
Roads, courtyards, gardens, squares and urban square need not only clear after winter, take out the garbage, but also prepare for the summer period. For this purpose need to recover damaged sidewalks and curbs, repair broken architectural small forms sculptures, flowerpots,artificial reservoirs,benches, fences, and so on, refresh fences, painting and other.
Our LLC organization carries out spring cleaning 2018 in areas , but with pleasure we will help clean .
Our specialists companies Chelsea do spring garden cleaning.

We hold spring cleaning 2019 not only in urban areas , we can put in order your house square, apartment, tanhaus.
Our specialists firms Park Slope spend spring garden cleaning.
Our Sole Partnership cleaning production company Glendale HAYS, is engaged spring cleaning cottages in BRONX under the direction of DRAKE.

A clean house Midtown - <a href=>spring cleaning manhattan</a>

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Name: MichaelJag
Datum: 28 January 2019
Email: tillybenson6 at
! !
: <a href=> </a>
: <a href=> </a> 2019
: 2018 2019
: 2018
: <b> / The Awakening (2011) </b>

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Name: Lamine Diane
Datum: 13 August 2018
Email: doutila at
Sehr geerhtee Damen / Herrn

Ich bin Lamine Diane, Ich wohne in Kollogstr.2 beim Akafoe. mein Vertrag wird am 20.10.2018 enden wegen der Entfernung swiscen s-bahn und wohnheim deshalbt will ich bei ihnen ein zimmer haben. ich warte auf ihnen antworten

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Name: Fatemeh Zohrabi Pour
Datum: 6 May 2018
Guten Tag,

ich fliege am 20, Juni nach Bochum für Deutschkurs. Ich Miete gerne da eine Wohnung bei Ihnen. Soll ich irgendwo mich für Ihre Wohnungen anmelden.
Ich bedanke mich für Ihre antwort im Vorraus.
Viele Grüße
Fatemeh Zohrabi Pour

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Name: Bita
Datum: 22 April 2018
Email: Beeta_nf at

My name is bita and i will come to bochum at 21/06/2018 and i need a room. I prefer that my room has a private bathroom. Is there any room like this?! How can i have this room?! And the another problem is that i cannot understand, can each student has a private bedroom?!
Please connect me on email and please answer me english

Best regards

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